About us

The Jordan River Service Inc was established in 1984. Our purpose is to work as a community-operated organisation, building community capacity in the Brighton Municipality. We manage the Bridgewater and Gagebrook Community Centres, Jordan River Community Workshed, Waterbridge Food Co-op and various other services and programs

The Gardens

Waterbridge Food runs a community garden, a cooking program and a food pantry. Our staff and volunteers grow fresh produce, cook delicious healthy meals and sell fresh affordable food in our community.

  • We have developed and expanded the Garden at the Gagebrook Community House.
  • We harvest the garden produce to supply our Food Pantry.
  • The gardens are a shared, safe place for community members to gather and enjoy each other’s company

The Cooking Program

Waterbridge Food runs the Fast Foodies Cooking Program:

  • Fast Foodies are volunteer cooks, under the guidance of a supervisor, who cook healthy frozen meals, jams, chutneys and relishes for sale in the Pantry. Fast Foodies are trained in safe food handling for commercial purposes, portion control, presentation and packaging, as well as catering and cooking skills.

The food pantry

How does Waterbridge Food get our food for the Pantry?

  • We harvest the excess produce from the community gardens.
  • Our community donate excess produce from their gardens.
  • We buy produce from local growers and local suppliers.
  • Our Fast Foodies provide us with healthy frozen meals, jams, chutneys and relishes for sale in the Pantry.

What does the Food Pantry do?

  • We sell low-cost healthy food. Our fresh produce is up to 50% cheaper than it is in supermarkets. Our nutritionally-balanced frozen meals leap out of the freezers at $6.00 a meal.
  • We employ local people and develop retail and food handling skills.
  • We provide a chance to chat, and ‘soft referrals’ for assistance if needed.