Meet our Growers

Five years ago, the garden was just a paddock of grass that belonged to Housing Tasmania behind the Bridgewater Community Centre. Many groups and organisations played a part in helping establish the community garden including Garden and Grow, Community Blitz, Brighton Council, Workskills, Max Employment and volunteers from our community.

Our Garden Supervisor, John McMaster, has a wide range of growing experience and has been involved in community gardens for over 10 years. John shares his knowledge and inspires others to grow gardens at home, with support along the way.

Without the valuable volunteers, and a good dash of fun, the garden would not be as successful and productive as it is now.  We have an orchard with over 15 varieties of fruit trees, different styles of garden beds to show many ways to grow vegetables and become sustainable. We produce our own compost onsite to nourish the soil and use no chemicals on the food we grow here.

It is now a bustling part of the community, providing fresh vegetables and fruit for Waterbridge Pantry, community members and community lunches.